Vilnius, Lithuania – Kickoff Meeting 17.05.2018

The initial event in the framework of the project “  WISE – Wider Integrating and Sharing Experience on information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings took place in Vilnius.

The event began with a formal greeting from delegates representing the leader of the project SMH-IS, shortly followed up by delegates from partner organizations who take part in this project as co-applicants and associates. The meeting proceeded in accordance with the agenda, where after the main introduction from the participants, SMH-IS representative Vesna Milnaric had the opportunity to present in details the action which is planned in the project as well as initiating brainstorming followed by debate regarding future activities and setting up dates for next meetings.
Therefore, the second meeting in the framework of the project was planned to be held in Belgrade, Serbia on 06.09.2018.