Belgrade, Serbia – Study Visit of Factory of clocks – INSA & Visit of Serbian Association of Employers

The second meeting of project “WISE – Wider Integrating and Sharing Experience on information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings“, was conducted in Belgrade, Serbia. Delegations from partner organizations had the opportunity to see, listen and discuss the participation of youth and women in the metal sector.
The study visit started with a pre-organized visit to the factory of clocks “Insa “. Participants had the possibility to learn the history of the factory, what the factory was famous for and what are the factory key plans for the future in production as well as increasing the participation of women and youth in the working environment. Moreover, delegates had the chance to see the productions lines and hear directly from the workers what are their problems and what are the possible solutions for the same.

Shortly after the study visit of the factory, participants headed towards the building of Serbians Association of Employers, where the president of the organization Srdjan Drobnjakovic opened a discussion with an accent to participation of women and youth from employers’ point of view mainly in Serbia, and shortly after for all countries.
The final hours of the meeting took place in the hotel “Constantine the Great “, where a brief conclusion was made from all organizations and future activities were discussed. Therefore almost all participants were looking forward for the next conference, which should take place in Spain.