Final conference in Zagreb, 12.06.2019

The closing conference was held in Zagreb, Croatia on the 12th of June 2019. The conference took 1 day. On the conference were present 25 participants. In the meeting was participated delegations from Croatia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Serbia, and Bulgaria. The meeting was accompanied by Simultaneous interpreters. Moderator of the meeting was the leading applicant SMH-IS, during the meeting was presented the Final publication and Video of the project. At the end of the meeting the project has been summarized, the new proposal for further common activities have been given. The strong conclusion was that such activities need to be constantly undertaken in order to improve the situation and the strength of social partners.

International meeting in Skopje, 28.05.2019

This meeting was the fourth international meeting which is planned by the framework of this project. One day meeting took place in Skopje, North Macedonia from associated organization participated (3 from Croatia, 7 from Serbia( two organization), 3 from Spain, 6 from Macedonia (two organization), 3 from Bulgaria and 3 from Lithuania). During 1 day of the international meeting in Skopje, a total number of 22 participants had the opportunity to meet each other and share good practice in each country participant. The meeting has been supported with simultaneous interpretation into Russian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Spanish and Serbian. The international meeting played a double role for internal assessment and planning of final phase approach, in order to ensure the maximum impact of project results. The project core team used this opportunity for reflection and strategic thinking, before stepping into the final phase of the implementation.

National raising awareness

In each country, have been present on the public raising awareness meeting, given a presentation and participated in the discussion. It had a very positive impact on the project. On the meeting, each partner organization invited the local social partners, stakeholders, and the general public together with journalists. The meeting focused on the promotion of the project goals and other project activities. The purpose of this meeting was to make the general public aware of the problems faced by women and young people in the metal sector and to raise awareness of the problems they face through open dialogue. A national awareness meeting has been made in the following countries on this date:

– Sindikat metalaca Hrvatske – Industrijski sindikat, the meeting was held in Zagreb, 23.05.2019, a total of 15 participants attended the meeting.

– Syndical Federation of Machine builders and Metalworkers CL Podkrepa, the meeting was held in Sofia, 11.07.2019, a total of 15 participants attended the meeting.

– Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy Pracowników ArcelorMittal Poland S.A, the meeting was held in Krakow, 15.05.2019, a total of 15 participants attended the meeting.

– Samostalni sindikat metalaca Srbije (Autonomous Trade Union of metalworkers of Serbia), and Serbian Association of Employers, the meeting was held in Belgrade, 13.05.2019, a total of 15 participants attended the meeting.

-Asociación Industrial Técnica y de Comercio, the meeting was held in Toledo, 08.05.2019, a total of 21participants attended the meeting.

– Lithuanian Unification of Metalworkers’ trade union, the meeting was held in Vilnius, 14.05.2019 a total of 15 participants attended the meeting.

– Business Confederation of Macedonia, and Samostoen Sindikat na rabotnicite od energetika, rudarstvo i industrija na R. Makedonija, Sindikalna organizacija AD ELEM, the meeting was held in Skopje, 04.04.2019, a total of 15 participants attended the meeting.

Training Course – Malaga,Spain. 23.01.2019 & 24.01.2019

The third and most important international conference enveloped in the project framework has been successfully conducted in Malaga, Spain. The meeting served as a purpose to share, discuss and learn about each partner country problem, to figure out the best possible solution and implement the same in the future. 
Expertise was provided from German Experts, which moderated and conducted the training.
A total of 27 delegates were present with 3 experts representing all partner counties who actively take participation in the project implementation.

Belgrade, Serbia – Study Visit of Factory of clocks – INSA & Visit of Serbian Association of Employers

The second meeting of project “WISE – Wider Integrating and Sharing Experience on information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings“, was conducted in Belgrade, Serbia. Delegations from partner organizations had the opportunity to see, listen and discuss the participation of youth and women in the metal sector.
The study visit started with a pre-organized visit to the factory of clocks “Insa “. Participants had the possibility to learn the history of the factory, what the factory was famous for and what are the factory key plans for the future in production as well as increasing the participation of women and youth in the working environment. Moreover, delegates had the chance to see the productions lines and hear directly from the workers what are their problems and what are the possible solutions for the same.

Shortly after the study visit of the factory, participants headed towards the building of Serbians Association of Employers, where the president of the organization Srdjan Drobnjakovic opened a discussion with an accent to participation of women and youth from employers’ point of view mainly in Serbia, and shortly after for all countries.
The final hours of the meeting took place in the hotel “Constantine the Great “, where a brief conclusion was made from all organizations and future activities were discussed. Therefore almost all participants were looking forward for the next conference, which should take place in Spain.

Vilnius, Lithuania – Kickoff Meeting 17.05.2018

The initial event in the framework of the project “  WISE – Wider Integrating and Sharing Experience on information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings took place in Vilnius.

The event began with a formal greeting from delegates representing the leader of the project SMH-IS, shortly followed up by delegates from partner organizations who take part in this project as co-applicants and associates. The meeting proceeded in accordance with the agenda, where after the main introduction from the participants, SMH-IS representative Vesna Milnaric had the opportunity to present in details the action which is planned in the project as well as initiating brainstorming followed by debate regarding future activities and setting up dates for next meetings.
Therefore, the second meeting in the framework of the project was planned to be held in Belgrade, Serbia on 06.09.2018.